An elegy to menses

My dear friend, You grew with me

Your presence declared With regularity. 

You arrived as a surprise

Arrived as a shock

When I was just a little

Girl in a frock!

I still remember 

The first day you arrived. 

You tested my resilience

And yet I survived. 

It meant some good news 

In a way I did not know. 

You brought other changes 

You brought a new glow. 

I turned into a woman-

You took good care of that. 

Shapely and attractive

With effective stats. 

I later learnt to wait 

And mark the dates for you. 

Your absence could mean tensions

Or a ‘good news’ too. 

So many years and years!

Togetherness Eternal !

No other friend so near –

No partner so loyal. 

And now it’s the time

To say our farewell. 

It leaves me confused

And makes me want to yell!

What will I do without you?

How will I know I’m fine?

What about my womanhood?

Will my hair still shine?

Will my body keep its shape?

What happens to my mood?

What are these hot flashes?

Why am I so rude?

Will I miss you? I don’t know!

I will fight to retain my glow. 

No more dates and no more pills!

I know I still have my will!

I still have my life ahead!

I still have my dreams!

I still have my strife ahead!

With all sorts of creams!

Within me now and by myself,

I need to find my inner friend 

A fresh new start Of womanhood

I need to start another trend!

Those days of pads soon behind me!

I think now I shall be free!


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