Expression in visual words

It’s not speaking, but it’s not writing either. Now we type, on our screens, with our thumbs! So an entirely different neural network, different areas of the brain. I remember reading in my rambled manner, an essay on ‘Why the novel matters’ by D H Lawrence ( And I was mesmerised as a teenager, to read his detailed evaluation of what happens when he writes, how his hand is involved as deeply in the act as his mind and brain.

What must be happening now, I wonder, as I type the words that appear on my brains screen, which is the magical app, my mind! It seems to send messages to both my thumbs and they are alive as they type out letter after letter to construct words in orchestrated unison. The messages travel at lightening speed and the thumbs mice like ballet dancers, set to a rhythm dictated by my rapidly flowing thoughts. They pause as my mind pauses, sometimes, for inspiration. They hover on the qwerty keyboard on my mobile as a breathe actively sometimes, scanning the hard drives of my mind to look for a special word. Yes, my thumbs are as much me as my mind. Especially when I am expressing through the visual word on my smart phone. It is one natural smart device connecting with a man-made one.

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