Balm hair and calm air


Resembles hair – doesn’t it!?

I am writing about this as I saw that this is one of the few topics on which there is nothing on google. That itself was a surprise for me. I thought google knew everything. After all I have even revered it on teachers day and Guru-Poornima.

The above photo has nothing to do with what I am going to write about!

It’s about hair – scalp hair – my scalp hair.

My COVID duty started since 5/07/2020. It continued relentlessly in the hospital in Pune where I am working. Every day we wear two caps and a gown etc. One evening I noticed that my hair was feeling funny. I wondered what was wrong in the surgical caps – maybe the batch was wrong. Or was I developing a skin lesion – something allergic maybe. I asked my young friends whether I was using the wrong shampoo. Maybe I was. But the new lockdown had started. Lockdown x.0. Lost count now, you know. So I thought maybe I would go to a spa when it would be permissible. My hair started feeling funny and weird. And it’s weird stickiness bothered me. A lot. I was wondering whether I should consult my dermatologist colleague to ask for advise. But the lockdown and my COVID duty stopped me. And in all fairness, good that it did.

Like a micro-epiphany my mind did a kangaroo jump back to an evening.

So – it so happened that around a week ago, I was generally lazing around reading or watching a video on my tablet- it could have been either. It was night and I was about to sleep. These days, like a few crazy women my age – I am 49 going on 50 – I am strangely partial towards the smell of menthol and camphor containing gooey substance sold in India – Vick’s Vaporub, Zandu balm, Tiger Balm, Amrutanjan balm. These slithery ointments work wonders on mild aches and pains. They are comforting and have some degree of positive placebo effect as well. And I am specially partial to the smell of camphor. It had helped me ride over my mild nausea of pregnancy years ago. I used to keep camphor in the cupboard then, and whenever I felt nauseous I just had to open the door, smell it and the nausea would be gone.

So I kind of rest my case and my defence.

Let’s get back to what I actually did a few weeks ago. And this is a child-safe article. There was no naughtiness involved. So read on without any excitement. Please.

So as I was drifting off to sleep my hand wandered to the bottle of Amrutanjan and I dipped in and put a bit of it on my forehead. Just a feel good thing. The smell of home kind of. The fragrance of camphor drifting in. If I had confidence and evidence that the camphor would ward of the COVID droplets that had surreptitiously found their way in my nose, I would be so happy to say so. But till now there are no such theories. I have not yet googled that though. Mind you.

And for some strange reason, beyond my conscious knowledge, my fingers dipped in the damn balm again and my hand went up to my scalp and I applied the balm to my head and even spread it (like a conditioner) into my hair. Why- WHY- why did I do that ? I do not know. It felt good at that time. The menthol and camphor. Sigh. Weird surprised sigh. Like WHAT???

And of course due to COVID duty we have been having an endless number of baths. So I was shampooing my hair EVERY DAY – TWICE.

And so coming back to now – now that I realised that this must be the cause of all the stickiness, I turned to google. Because obviously the extensive shampooing wasn’t helping. It must be something else that needed to be done. I googled – ‘How to remove Amrutanjan from your hair’ and their was no info??? Shock! Am I the first one to do this then ? Oh come on!

I remembered the texture of hair of several of my headache patients. And I felt a creepy déjà vu ! No. I was NOT the first. Maybe I was the first to want to remove it ! 😷

Maybe google has something else.

I tried my luck with ………. Vick’s Vaporub. It has a global presence as compared to our atmanirbhar Amrutanjan. And maybe the demographics that uses Vick’s on hair also wants to remove it later !

And bingo ! I had stumbled on Alladin’s cave.

There were videos ! And references ! Hey. Where was I while all this was happening !?

Women have been using Vick’s to condition and discipline their hair !!

Another blog can be written on that !

But I had found my answer in those videos – the bulls eye treatment was – USE GREASE REMOVING DISH-WASHING LIQUID directly.


What has to be done, has to be done.

So I took our Indian VIM dish-washing liquid and washed my hair today!

And … sigh … my hair feels wonderful again! Even a little better, if I may say so! So may be there is some value for Vick’s Vaporub as a source of something!

So that’s my hashtag blog – #removingamrutanjanfromhair #removingbalmfromhair #howtoremoveamrutanjanfromyourhair #how_to_remove_amrutanjan_from_hair

So if someone wants, here it is

Use dishwasher liquid and BINGO!


4 thoughts on “Balm hair and calm air

  1. Good morning Poornima. Thrilling to read. Appears risky though.. Liquid Vim . Take care .
    Surekha chavan


  2. Gm poo it was funny but weird to hear vim bar removes the stickiness of the hair but nice information take care


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