On friendship

�In all my friends
Spread everywhere
I find myself
Just scattered there.

� Each one highlights
Something in me
Each one presents
A part of me.

�Of all life’s gifts
This is the best –
For friendship is
A place of rest.

�A special bond –
Where none was there –
Of affection
And mutual care!

�You get to choose
And to select
To supplement
Your intellect !

�You get to choose
A few good ones
To last until
Your life is done.

�Grow up with them
And grow old too-
Through fights and fun
And things to do.

�They laugh and jest
In mirth with you,
And find out just
What bothers you!

�The best of all
To take you through
Your battleships!

�So on this day
Just let me tell –
Choose your friends
And choose you well!

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