Art and I

As the tree puts out leaves, art emerges from a human being. It is such a beautiful process- beyond our conscious understanding. I acknowledge, accept and respect that process.

A random free form of art. Just as it flowed out of my hand. No plans.

As a child going through a rough childhood I instinctively turned to art to cope with the things that were going wrong around me. Techniques developed through me. I had no names or labels for what I was doing. I would spend hours bent over a piece of paper with a ballpoint pen or a sketch pen. And then later directly brush on paper. It was something off beat. Something I hadn’t seen, something that wasn’t taught to me. Just some yearning, some force trying to get out. And it gave me peace. It helped me cope with stuff.

And now in this emerging young world of digital and social media that connects us all together across boundaries, I am intrigued by all the art work pouring out there in this world. It feels wonderful to have so many people sharing their art work. It inspires one to keep going on.

A year ago I stepped out of my comfort zone which was actually more of a gilded cage. Ever since then I have been exploring forms of art. And surprisingly I connected with my old self.

Seeing paper or canvas now stimulates me. It is as if I have freed something inside me. It is as if I am breathing again.

And I came across this book called ‘IKIGAI’. Seems I have found mine.

This year has been a revelation to me. A revelation about my own self hidden from me.

Inspire of COVID , I fee it is a good time to be alive. We will pull through this. Life will survive. And so will art. That is what makes us human !

Do follow me on Insta for a daily update on my art work.
Art flows out.
It has a life of its own.
It drives us to create.
Like a force with its own power and presence.

I’m on Instagram as gauri_pallavi_creations.
This is a page for my art work, photos, songs, blogs, podcasts and so on!
The ikigai project- the reason I get up every morning. The force that keeps me going.

Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

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